OMG 2 vs. Gadar 2: An Exciting Bollywood Showdown on August 11

OMG 2 Takes Center Stage

A buzz is growing in Bollywood. “OMG 2,” directed by Amit Rai, is set to arrive. Starring Akshay Kumar, Pankaj Tripathi, and Yami Gautam, the film brings a theme of sex education with religious undercurrents.

After meticulous review and edits, it gained an “A” certificate for adults. Its thrilling runtime is set for 2 hours and 36 minutes.

Facing the Competition: Gadar 2

Not all is smooth sailing for “OMG 2.” Sharing its release date with “Gadar 2,” the film finds itself in an intense rivalry. Over 1500 screens are ready nationwide for “OMG 2.” But, the competition has left a mark on advance booking.

However, Akshay Kumar’s upcoming movie is showing resilient pre-sales. Compared to his last film “Selfiee,” “OMG 2” sees better prospects.

Promising Pre-Sale Numbers

By August 9, the movie had sold 46.5K tickets, including 29K in three national chains. Worth 1.50 crores, these sales promise a grand opening day.

Final pre-sales may reach around 75K tickets. It aspires to attract a varied audience. But “Gadar 2” could challenge it in smaller centers.

Expected Opening and Future Prospects

Despite “Gadar 2,” “OMG 2” aims for at least 7 crores net at the opening. With positive buzz, it might hit 9-10 crores.

Should it unfold as hoped, it could be a decent start against the competition. The Independence Day week might amplify its success with positive word of mouth.

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The Sequel Advantage

As a follow-up to a successful film, “OMG 2” has its benefits. Though trailing “Gadar 2,” it holds a loyal audience ready for the weekend.

With uplifting WOM, the scales could tip in its favor. The makers are undoubtedly relying on this potential shift.


“OMG 2” is all set to make waves in Bollywood. Facing stiff competition from “Gadar 2,” it’s banking on its unique theme and star cast.

Its advance bookings and potential success over the weekend may help it overcome the initial challenges. The box office showdown on August 11 will reveal the final outcome.

Stay tuned for a thrilling cinematic duel.

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